Castel Savoia

Castel Savoia in Gressoney is 10 minutes’ walk from the Residenza Del Sole. It was completed in 1904 after 5 years’ work. It is in the area called the "Belvedere" on account of the panoramic view which extends over much of the valley, as far as the Lyskamm glacier.

Since 1981 it has been the property of the Regione Autonoma Valle d'Aosta. Designed as a medieval castle by the architect Emilio Stramucci, it was built by King Umberto I of Savoy as a gift for his consort Queen Margherita, who loved to spend the larger part of her summer holidays at Gressoney.

At the foot of the castle, on the slope facing Gressoney and Monte Rosa, is the Alpine botanical garden, containing numerous typical indigenous and exotic species. Unlike other botanical gardens in the Valle d’Aosta, pride of place has been given to the aesthetic layout of the species cultivated, though they are nonetheless catalogued according to scientific botanical criteria.


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